Bike mount ideas

How are you guys carrying bikes around? The top is too tall, and I don’t want to use a hitch mount.

Could we make something like this work?

or any other creative solutions?

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I faintly remember reading that side mount solutions were illegal in most states because the bike goes back the side mirrors. I opted for swing away hitch mount that is discussed in at least two other similar topics on this forum.

I don’t have my GFC yet, but I’ve already outfitted my truck with the thule swing away. Really no other option for me. No solution is perfect. Why not just put some fork mounts in the bed? Not sure why you don’t want the hitch mount but that’s fine. I’m getting the crossbars to keep the roof option possible for drastic times…


So far I like my hitch mount. I can also hang them off the back if needed.

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Hitch mount on a swing out is ideal IMO, but I also built a slide out to store 2 bikes inside for those times when I want to hide the bikes from view, or I expect to be driving through crappy weather and want to avoid having all the road crap flinging up on the bikes.

I was thinking about this a little more and I think you could attach something to the extrusion on the side of the tent but the downside would be you can’t open that panel without removing the bike. Also driving tight trails offroad would not be ideal. I have a friend who drives a van and put a hitch on the front to store bikes but I don’t like that either. Personally I think the best option for bikes are on a hitch mount or in the back of the truck.

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I’ve been thinking about this also, and sadly, I’ve come to the same conclusion. I don’t know why I’m opposed to the hitch mount, but I should probably invest in a high quality one and stop thinking about it!

Kwood, what swing out did you go with?

I got a Rakattach swing arm.

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@glachow did a nice sliding tray in the bed of the truck, I think this is the best way to do it if you don’t want to do a hitch rack. Here’s his setup:


So I know I am late to this topic and don’t even have my unit yet, but I am wondering aboout a dirtbag solution by just mounting a fork mount directly to the rear extrusion track. Besides the need to remove the bike for rear access, any down side? Anyone done it?

Hi Kwood,

Is this an aftermarket swing away on a one up rack? If so, what is it and where did you get it? my wife and I LOVE our one up but it doesn’t swing away and I was wondering if getting an aftermarket swing away was a thing. Thanks in advance for any info!

Thule makes a swing away adapter for hitch mounted racks.


It’s a Rakattach. One up sells them on their site.

There are a couple other companies that make a swing arm as well but I bought it from 1up at the same time I got the rack so all the locks could be keyed together. It’s pretty sweet.

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Are you able to close your rear window with the bike pad?

Hi Kwood
How easy or default is it to put the bikes in when you use the Telgate pad, are you turning the sideways? I see you have 2 bikes on the pad in your photo, is it possible to put more bikes on the pad like 3 or 4?

I’ve also been messing with a bed mount for my gravel bike using the rago accessory mount for Tacoma bed rail and a Rocky Mountain mount. It’s still in production though. :slight_smile: