Caframo Sirocco II fan

Added a sea sucker 4” suction cup to the base of a sirocco II fan, which now gives me plenty of mounting options. Gonna try this set up first before I commit to the roof fan.

Was easy to connect the fan to the sea sucker mounting hole. All I needed was one bolt.


I have been using a similar setup and it’s awesome. Silent and draws almost no power. I used 2 repurposed Ram suction cups but same theory. You can see it in this post.

Seeing as you’ve had that upper level power box for a little bit of time, would you change anything? Still trying to figure out a good way to get power upstairs.

Also did you just push the cushion to make room for the junction box?

Yea. Just cut a little rectangle out of the foam. It’s also inset into the honeycomb panel so it sits flush with the cushion. More info here.

It works great. We use it for the fan and charging phones. The only thing is finding usb adapters that don’t have any bright LED lights. We always sleep with our heads at the tall end so it’s down by your knee out of the way. If you sleep with your head in the wedge end I could see it being annoying at your elbow.

@Stick , looks like solid option/alternative to the maxxfan based on @Chuck.D input. Going to give the Sirocco a shot in our setup with the sea sucker mount. Have you still been happy with this combo so far?

It’s just starting to warm up by me and I haven’t had to use it yet. Got it put together during winter so that it would be ready to go this spring/summer

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Interested how this setup works for you!

Anyone have any experience with the Claymore V600+?

Looks like a viable option, especially if you don’t have a power source in the bed. I did note the 12watt power draw (presumably on max) is double the power consumption of the Sirocco based on my testing (real-world consumption appears to be 2w/4w/6w on low/medium/high)

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Alright, we got this all put together and it’s AWESOME! Huge thanks to @Stick & @Chuck.D

Here are some more detailed pics of the fan’s mounting bracket and SeaSucker’s bracket assembly.

Also swapped a long 8+ ft 12v male plug & wire onto the fan so it could reach all the way up to the top of the tent panel. Super versatile, and can be mounted to the exterior of the truck under the awning when chilling at camp under the awning.

Highly recommend this, seems to be a great alternative to the more invasive vent fan install.