Colorado GFC Members

Tailgater Tire Table is a great product. I’ve had mine since 2017 and love it! Currently it’s where I mount my diesel heater.

New to the group, 2020 Gladiator. Picked up a used GFC but have not taken it out yet. Would love to do a meetup sometime!

In Castle Rock

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I’m in Longmont. v2 on a 2015 Taco. Looking forward to the GFC meetup in a couple of weeks!


Wow great picture. Please share where it is, unless it’s secret of course…

Thanks! Kind of funny it’s just a hiking trail parking lot in Gothic, CO. I cant remember the name of the trail, but it’s definitely no secret.

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Did I miss something? A GFC meetup in Colorado?

There was an email about it this week. 12/17

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Ooh thank you! A trip to Denver may be in order then!

Cool, never been over there…I see it’s not far from Crested Butte. Will have to make a visit to that part of CO.

Is anyone coming to Fruita this weekend? We will be out in our big white Tundra!


Bobby, I saw the email, but it’s a hike from Co. Springs for a day trip–so probably not this time. Best, Alan

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Will be planning with some other members here for a camping trip on private land in steamboat around August… stay tuned


Sounds good!


Anyone volunteering with CFI this year? Just signed up to do trail maintenance on Quandary, 8/10. Great opportunity to give back to a great organization if you haven’t volunteered with them before.

They also do multi-day maintenance trips, some designated as car camping and perfect for the GFC!

CFI Volunteer Hub

There’s a white Tundra with a GFC that I see all the time in the Boat…. Is that you?

Im in junction. Must be some other rad fella. :wink:

I’m living out of my GFC while working in NE Colorado and Moab,UT :v:t3:

If you see us out and about I’ll likely give you the GFC wave. @nomadic_t4r on Insta


New south metro area owner here. Picked up and the end of July and have 4 nights in it, another 7 coning up. Super stoked on my new camper ! Always down for meetups. I probably ran past some of you guys at the TRU Auto meet months back, put in an order shortly after that.


Welcome! Centennial here.