Custom GFC Accessories with 80/20?

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Has anyone here made their own GFC add-ons or camper equipment with 80/20? Curious to see if anyone’s done any custom GFC accessories or custom storage builds.

If you’re not familiar, it’s used heavily for aerospace and industrial applications. Here are a couple DIY builds from their site:

  1. Truck bed sliding shelf (not weight-bearing):
  2. CNC Router:

Linking quadabaum’s earlier post: DIY roof rack

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I interned at nasa a few times and we used it extensively for environmental testing and when prototyping spacecraft hardware. I do think you’re right in that it may not actually fly a ton, but we used it a lot.

I’ll see if I can track down @Trouttaco’s work, thx

First accessory while waiting for camper: storage drawer and box. It ended up weighing more than expected (38 lbs) but is quite sturdy and bolted into bed. I like 80/20 because its easy to add to- for instance, i added a couple attachment points to strap my cooler on the top. Anyway, pretty happy with a sub-$150 weekend project.



Looks great and sub-$150 seems like a hella deal for materials in this market…

Where did the extrusion and corners come from?

Also interested in where you got the recessed latches? Amazon find?

Did you cut your own panels for the sides and drawer?


Yes, I only have a little portable circular saw and drill and it wasn’t too bad, but it would be a snap to make with the right equipment (table saw, chop saw, etc.).

Tnutz for extrusions and fittings! They’ll cut it and machine it for you if you plan well. I used their hidden counterbores and hardware to connect everything. I also plan to use them for the roof rack.

Owach slam latches, 1/2" depth (amazon)
Polymat carpet (amazon)
drawer slides, 28" (amazon)
1/4" wood paneling
I had a sheet of half inch plywood lying around. I suppose that would have added another $50 or so if I had to buy it now.

Looking back at my receipts, the Tnutz order was also about $50 more than I remembered- shipping was expensive. But still worth it!

So realistic total start to finish: $250 :smirk:

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Added a support brace and 26”x34” platform for a Peapod tent. Cooler goes on top of drawer box in rear and dog bed goes in empty space. Configuration complete at +46lbs.

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