Delayed Start of Production?

I’m trying to figure out if anyone else feels like their build has been delayed going into production? Without the leaderboard it’s tough to keep track.

I am #871 and when I put down my deposit in September 2019 the estimated start of my build was March 2021, which a month later they emailed moving it forward to August 2020. I then received an email at the end of February saying they were ahead of schedule again and I was 12 weeks away from starting production. I then paid the remainder of my balance and went into ready for production status.

It’s been over 6 months now since I paid my balance and I haven’t heard anything about moving into production yet. I emailed gfc the other week and they said that when they sent the email in February they were just a little bit ahead of invoicing at the time and my estimated start date was still August 2020.

I am very happy to keep hearing about improved production times, but they’ve had my money for quite awhile now and with all the emails and updates about improved production times, I’m a little surprised mine hasn’t started production.

If anyone else around my build number would like to share where they are at with their build, that would be much appreciated.

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i would continue to email them. according to the facebook owners group - #859 just received theirs

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Mine was also set to start in Oct. #957 With the email that went out saying that they we’re 4weeks ahead I thought I also would of heard something by now also.
But I have read that quite a few people have said that their builds we’re delayed because of quality control problems with some of the welding. Maybe @GFC_Taylor can shed some light on what’s going on with this delay?

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That’s a good point, but even if there is a delay, I’ve been paid up and ready for production for quite sometime now. It also seems odd that #859 is complete and I have yet to start production.


I must admit the ‘Leader Board’ quickly became a “problem” for me, as I apparently thought checking more would make “it” happen quicker. Waiting, has been replaced in most cases in my modern life by Amazon’s 24-48hr turn around. This has been one of the most difficult “waits” I’ve experienced (1st world problem, I get it)… but the layout of dough so early on in the process (not a small amount of money for this dude), coupled with the leader board going away (totally understand why, couldn’t believe we had access in the 1st place to be honest) makes for loooong months of hoping, no new is good news. “News” in regards to my/our campers, specifically. I too have emailed @GFC_Mike more then I care to admit and he has been great in getting back to me (hope you’re riding again!). As you note communication about new products, upgrades and improvements… have been sufficient… that said every time I see a @GFC_Taylor email in my in box, my heart rate makes my watch alert.

I feel your pain @T1OVERLAND and I’m sure we’re not alone… Very much looking forward to the “in production” email myself.

Be well…

I just received an email back from Mike that was very helpful. As of now I’m probably going to be moving into production with the next group of XL units.

Furthermore, for anyone with a 2020 or newer Tundra, I guess Toyota changed the height of the shark fin antenna, so gfc had to redesign the camper to fit the new tundra design. This was the reason for the delay. All in all, I’m glad to hear the camper is getting done right.


Exactly, right is better then fast. Glad to hear you’re getting closer.

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Check out my build, I think I was the first 2020 Tundra double cab.
Definitely taller than the other Tundras

Started into production April 2020

Production Thread May also might help looking at timelines and potential hurdles

I’m 858 and mine was done in august 26 I wanna say.

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Thanks for sending this thread. It looks like they are moving pretty fast once production starts.

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I received my email that it was ready for production about 14 weeks ago. I’m #978 I think. Still no contact from anyone on the start of production.

Are you getting an XL?

I’m not. @GFC_Taylor any update on build #972?

Went into production today! Sending your email now. (fyi the fastest way to get an update is to email support)