Diy camper roof rack

I am either not using the correct search term or am blind. I was pretty sure someone had posted about a DIY “beef rack”. Can anyone point me to the post? Thought it had pictures and details on it.

I think this is what your looking for.

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Thats it. Thank you!

Has anyone strapped anything substantial to their 80/20 homemade roof racks? I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing, but I plan on carrying a canoe. For the most of the summers my Clipper Cascade lives on the rack, so we’re ready for paddle whenever the mood strikes.

Would love to hear some real life testimonials.

FYI, 8020 is about a month out on “custom” orders. I ordered 3x 54" wide bars and the brackets and bolts on May 5. They just shipped today, and expected to be delivered to me on Thursday.

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I’m up here in Canada so I was going to go with Acklands Grangier. But don’t want to pull the trigger until I’m sure that they can handle the weight from wind drag on the canoe. Their yield strength is 36000lb/ whatever that means.

I thought I saw somewhere that someone stood on them with little to no deflection. Maybe it was @jedgar?

Maybe @Jcrodes with the cantilever rack?

Cantilever over cab rack idea

Not me. I have a Beef Rack, which I have stood on actually, but only to clean bird poop off the roof :smile:

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Yea I stood on my cantilever rack made from 80/20. Although I think this thread is for a rack that goes above the camper…

If your not picky there is a machine shops selling a bunch of 80/20 extrusions on eBay…

Also 80/20 has a deflection calculator so you can figure out how much your bars would deflect. It was pretty useful when I made the cantilever rack.

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Did you find the equivalent part numbers on grainger canada? i’m looking at this same build.

I found another two sites that had cheaper options.

That one is the Canadian distributor

Is another one that seems to have more parts available.

I haven’t pulled the trigger yet because I spent my PayPal USD balance on a closer spot. So I need to get rid of 2092 spot to fund my rack.

I was going to go with 72” with an L corner bracket. But so far I’ve only been able to find an 8 hole bracket and I’d like a 12 so I can have 4 bolts in both angles and 1 row of space between the camper and rack. Also apprehensive that 10series will be strong enough to hold my canoe at 120km/hr. LOL

@elismm that RMMC company gave me a quote for $275 shipped for 3 bars, 6 12 hole brackets, 40 fasteners. This is for 10 series; which I’m still sceptical that it can hold the weight. Haven’t done the math yet.

Let me know if you’re going to pull the trigger. It may be cheaper if we split shipping costs to Canada.

That’s the price shipped from Abbottsford, BC to Williams Lake BC. You figure there’s a cheaper option down in the US?

I paid $156 for 3 bars, 6 brackets, and the hardware to attach. Then ordered hardware to attach to GFC separately through GZila.

@fatfurious2 from

Yes. They are based in Illinois in the US. Shipping to me in Virginia was ~$25. I am not sure what it would be for Canada

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I contacted them and they don’t ship to Canada because they have authorized dealers up here. One of which is the outfit I got the quote from.

I’m going to pull the trigger today on the quote. Did the deflection calculator last night. I’m pretty confident that 3 x 10series racks can handle the weight from the canoe.

Now if only my July build spot would progress and the border would open. I’d be laughing.

yeah I just realized it’s shipping from canada so no cheaper if we order separate… let me know how it looks once you get it I may follow suit.