Firearm Storage

Been curious about this for awhile but been talking about getting another pistol for camping and what not. Obviously its pretty useless to bring camping if its not by you over night. We have had a handful of tines this year already where i wish i had something. SO my questions is for the people that carry, where are you keeping your gun within the GFC? my initial thought was doing some sort of combo of velcro and a holster on the ceiling?

curious if anyone has input on this, thanks

I put it in a holster with good retention and leave it by my feet pointed away from me.


Sorry to hear you’ve run in to problems while and trying to enjoy yourself outdoors.

I’ve had a good number of episodes over the years and at 52 years old I finally decided to purchase my first gun. I’m not a gun guy- but I’m just getting too old for physical confrontation and I think it is best at this point to have the ability to neutralize a situation if needed… so I will be following this thread.



I’d like to hear about the “handful” of situations where you wished you had a weapon.

Mine is locked in the cab (along with various CCW permits). Obviously, I’m dead if I need it right away, but I tend to stack the deck in my favor by avoiding situations that might need it right away.

This may also be worth reading: 9mm pistol storage inside tent

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I carry a “go bag” any time I am camping. Its one of the Gen-Z cross body bags (essentially a fanny pack, carried across your torso instead of around your waist). Inside the bag are my keys, phone, wallet, headlamp, usually some small odds and ends, and then my Glock and my bear spray.

I like it because when I am getting ready for bed at night, I have one thing i need to grab. And at night, I have one thing I need to find if I want to check my phone or grab my headlamp

I won’t share a link to the bag I have because its an embarrassingly expensive Japanese denim bag, but I think its a good solution


Not looking for something to put an animal down by any means. Mostly just to make some noise while im out solo, but have been put in between mama moose and her young moose as well as a mama bear and her cubs and had two bears laying behind about 70 yards away on saturday for who knows how long. Seemed pretty content but spooked the hell out of me. im pretty familiar with firearms just havent owned one outside of hunting rifle in a long time. i also just like shooting too so the added “protection” is is mostly a plus

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Thats not a bad idea, especially the nice denim bag hahaha

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I use a gun magnet mount with 3m tape to the ceiling of the tent.

I always bring my Glock 20 with me camping/hiking. It’s a 10mm and will be about your best bet if you need to use it against a bear/moose. I just keep it in a holster next to me with my phone and such. I’m almost always solo so space is not an issue.


i was looking at a glock 20, glock 19, or a CZ P01

Fair enough. Just to play devil’s advocate, you’re not going to be between a momma and her cub/calf in the middle of the night. (I had actually assumed you were talking about two-legged predators.)

I’ve not been in a situation where I’m sleeping upstairs from a fully stocked Dometic in the same vicinity as a grizzly, so I don’t know how I’m going to handle that yet. I suppose the 44 magnum comes out of the bullpen?

I would never talk somebody out of buying more gear, just trying to point out the need vs want scenario. :wink:

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Oh i know that haha, was mostly curious where people do keep them in the tent or in cab. Thankfully weve only had one run in with a two legged version but he walked into a camp of about 12 of us and instantly realized his mistake haha

It won’t keep protect you from somebody with enough time and motivation, but it covers the smash and run thefts.

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ironically i actually already have this cause a few months ago my truck got broken into and all the did was empty this compartment

The firearm, in my opinion, should never be away from you. If you’re up in the tent, it’s with you. It does 0 good to have a firearm if it’s just going to stay locked in a console in the truck.


Mine rests vertically squished between the pillow tops and the edge of the tenting. Though last go around there was some moisture along the base and I don’t want that touching the equalizer so already thinking of alternate options.

I have a steel lock box in my console and I also use my decked drawer system to hold long guns. I just lock the tailgate so the drawers can’t open.

uhh… most tailgates can be opened with just a screwdriver

I have these on my ceiling and they hold 1911’s and 44mag revolvers no problem. they should have no problem holding a plastic gun. The Henry gets put between the mattress and tent while sleeping


So i have brought my beretta 1301 with me racked up on my molle panel and quickfists to hold it in place. Ive also kept my g19 in a wilderness tactical holster which is a concealed carry bag that can be converted to a hip pack or shoulder bag, and that goes up in the tent with me at the head of my tent or in the VNCLR storage bag up stairs. Being in bear country with my son by ourselves is the main reason for it all.

I should also mention i have a console safe for when I need to store the pistol securely, and the shotgun is locked to the panel thru the trigger guard


Well i mean the only way they’ll know that there’s a gun in there is if I tell them, that said, I barely ever leave a long gun in there usually just use it for transporting to and from shooting or hunting. BTW lthat link goes to a cargo net.