For Sale: Panel Handles

I designed and created some panel handles for my GFC topper, and thought maybe others might be interested in some. Rather than grabbing at the corners of the panels one the small lock tabs, these give you a centered (no drill) handle to grab onto. They aren’t cheap, and I can’t compete with Amazon, but if anyone is interested I’m doing a week long 17% discount for those here who want some. There’s CF Nylon and multiple PETG color options available. You can buy them individually, or in 3 packs for a discount. If you don’t see the discount applied in your cart, please let me know! (handles coming in ASA soon as an alternative to PETG and CF Nylon)
(Go Fast Camper Panel Handle - Etsy)

If the discount isn’t applied, use “GOFASTFAM” at checkout and it should manually apply.


Hi Logan, I didn’t see the discount while checking out on ETSY. Please let me know if there is a code to use.


Cool design!


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Here are some of the updated colors for the handles.

Panel Handle Spring Sale. If you want some handles, use “GOFASTFAMSPRING” and get 15% off your order!

Panel Handles

20% off all handles with code “D9VZ9XK” over at

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Interior Panel Handles are now live here Interior Handles. Scaled down versions of the original Panel Handles, and now offered in luminescent filament.

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20% off everything until December 16th (last date for delivery guarantee before Christmas).

Use “Christmas” at checkout at 3DProto Lab or 3DProto Lab

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