GFC solar setup?

Hello, anyone with a solar panel(s) setup that fits entirely on top of gfc covering most if not the entire roof? Please share some ideas…thank you. I do not plan on mounting anything else on the roof.

If you search Solar on the main page you will find tons and tons of folks who have posted what they are currently doing.
Just might find more that way.

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Still learning to post other locations. Maybe this will help if i did it right. Lol.

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The renogy flat flex panels, if you got 4 would basically cover the roof exactly. I only run two and its all i need, but if you needed it should be a good fit.

A standard commercial size panel will take up almost the entire roof on an XL. On a regular camper it would be full width.

This is a 400w Solaria panel. They make a 430w as well but I wanted some space for a roof vent so I went with the 400w. It fits just below my beef bars so I can still use them if needed.