Install Experience

For those of you who have already had your install, I’m curious what that day looks like at GFC. Quick install, boom you’re outta there? Free T shirt? Maybe an IPA with the install guys? Seriously, though, just curious how long the process takes. Side note, I’ll be road tripping back down to Colorado after and am looking forward to exploring NW Wyoming on the way down. Pretty stoked on the whole deal.

30- 45 minutes nothings for free except for a coffee machine but you can buy a few items.Its pretty efficient

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In and out, nice. Thanks man.

If it weren’t for my wife’s dogs being dicks(stuck in a car for 2 days) and having an engineer intern double check the first long bed Ranger with a V2 GFC, it would have been in and out. they are very efficient.

We’ve got some free stickers there for folks! They’ve got a small fridge with drinks too.

Our GFC install late last summer was awesome, I’d plan on an hour ish. Nice and chill :call_me_hand:

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Curious if the install on V2 includes hooking up the third brake light as well. I know last time on the V1 they wouldn’t do it. Making the 1500 mile round trip and don’t necessarily want to drive back without it hooked up.

It does not but I think it’s relatively trivial on most vehicles. On my F150 it was a 5 minute thing with some basic hand tools and a multi meter.

Not mine, but here’s a thread about connecting the brake light on a Ram:


I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to the crew at Darkhorse Customs. They’re only a few minutes from GFC HQ and know the drill. You could align install and then head directly over to Darkhorse to get your third brake light hooked up.


I checked them out but unfortunately they closed on Sundays. Have to cover 7-8 hours driving after it is installed so probably won’t get it wired it looks like until I get home.

No, but it was extremely easy to figure out on my 22’ 2500.

In and out in an hour-ish. The guys at the install are really great, but down to business.

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Do you have LED lights or standard? If you have the standard it is a super easy splice using the supplied connectors. If you have LED it is potentially more difficult.

I’m pretty sure they are LED on mine. Shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out I just thought it would be included in the install price.

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What year F150? Everything I’ve read or watched looks like a pain in the ass tapping into harness behind driver kick plate and routing wire to the bed.

  1. I pulled my rear taillight (2 screws if I remember right), tapped the + and - wires and reinstalled the taillight.

Older F150s and newer F150s (15+ that have BLIS in the rear taillight) are night and day as far as what you have to do to wire the brake light. The same goes for many of the newer vehicles that have similar technology tied into the taillights. In short, you cannot tap into the taillight without causing electrical issues elsewhere.


It was fast. I only had time for one beer while I watched.


My install on Feb 11th, was first of the day, Arrived at 8:30, they pulled my truck in and I was out before 9:15. The 3rd brake light I did myself, took all of 5 minutes. Two bolts on my tail light, splice the positive and negative.


@Chico It might only take an hour or two, but I’d allocate a half day because you don’t know what uncontrolled variables (like other installs or snafus) could occur. When are you going? I went in March and since all the Yellowstone roads are closed in winter, I drove down through Idaho and stayed in Driggs overnight. Then drove over Teton Pass, thru Jackson, and back towards Denver via the Pinedale route (and it was a long day, including a mild nordic ski outing on teton pass). The drive up also isn’t trivial. I drove from Denver to Sheridan (4pm-10pm or so), then the remainder to GFC early the next morning. This was one week before Covid lockdown… so I got lucky!

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That sounds like a legit trip home! My install is anticipated the first week of June. Once the install time is set I’ll start game planning that drive up, I’m coming from Colorado Springs so it’s gonna be a haul.