JE Design & Fabrication GFC accessories

Why is it that every time I see the forum handle, I think of this guy?…… but yeah, truly a stand-up guy!


Thanks @Buhlockaye and @pat_man ! Appreciate the kinds words.

@OverlandKyle I think with a toddler and a pregnant wife I look like that sometimes for sure.


More sugar…


And this is why I’ll buy everything this guys makes :slight_smile:


Wanted to let everyone know I have redesigned the YakMount to help reduce the price.

They are a really simple way to use Yakima feet and bars on your GFC. Utilizes the Yakima Landing Pad 1. Threaded holes makes for the lowest possible rack height without any drilling into the camper and all the weight is on a rubber pad on the edge of the roof.

They are now $145 for all 4 feet which includes all the mounting hardware. (required yakima parts not included) Check them out here.


will these work on the V1?

Unfortunately no @BArm88

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OC-1 up top?

Customer truck so not sure what it is unfortunately.

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I know I have asked before, but I never followed through. If I sent you feet, and paid for your time, could you make custom Thule set w/ tie down points?

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:+1: Shoot me an email @

I envy your engineering/fabricating ability :sweat_smile:


@jedgar How much of a gap should you leave in the front for the drip rails? I had initially put them on sticking out maybe 1/4" but recently took off and reinstalled nearly flush after getting some work done on the camper. Does it matter?

I try to run an 1/8-1/4", but I think as long as you are not making contact it should work well.

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We have a new baby coming early June so I am going to shut down my store for a month or so to focus on family. (I have a full time job as well as making parts).

As a thank you for everyone understanding I am offering a discount code of 20% off through May 31st. Type the code “NOSLEEP” at checkout for the discount! Thanks!


Good luck with the new addition to your family…and appreciate the humor in your discount code.

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Thanks for the discount code! Just finally pulled the trigger on some drip rails and 1 step up.
I’ve had your yak mounts since I bought my GFC and love them. Happy to support you and get some more accessories!

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Good luck with the baby! Ordered a 10Rack with the coupon - couldn’t justify $400 for beefbars that I may only use once or twice a year for Kayaks.

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Thanks for the discount! Just tried to get the 10Rack with the code but it says it’s not working. Appreciate all the products you put out!