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@jedgar Got my MagSpots the other day. Thanks for the quick shipping!

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Ended up with 8 extra Stainless Toyota bed rail t-nuts. Anyone interested in them? No charge. Thanks!


I’d love em. Batch ship when drip rails are back from powder coating?


They are gone! A pair to @jdilla626 and 6 to @mcmackoutside. Will throw them in your order @mcmackoutside


Josh you are very generous to this community,


thank you Josh! just recieved my pair of bed rail slot.

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Offering my first ever sale! Up to 25% some products and everything is at least 10% off. Thanks to everyone for the support!


THIS is a killer sale! Can confirm these are the best in the biz :raised_hands:


Thank you! Picked up some things today!

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Thanks @m0to !

Are these drip rails still available? I have a V2 on a RAM 1500. I live in the PNW and yes we have rain! Would love a pair.

Yes @TerriWeiss they are available to order on my site

I am getting the next batch in from powdercoat by December 10th and will ship them out as soon as they are back.

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@jedgar I just spotted your Hightmounts earlier in this thread. Will you be making more of those? It’s pretty much something I was going to see about having made, then I found these!

Shoot me an email @m0to at If you are not in a huge hurry I can make some up.

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