JE Design & Fabrication GFC accessories

I got mine, also. Need to get it installed.

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@jedgar, I noticed the YakMounts are no longer are on your site. Is there any way I can pick up a set, still? I’m not in a huge rush, just ordered the GFC last week, so won’t have it for a bit. I just want to be able to use all the existing Yakima stuff we have for my current shell on the GFC when it arrives. Thanks in advance!

Hey @knu2xs ! I am bringing them back shortly. Should be back in stock in early april.


Hey everyone! Have a few new products I just launched due to customer requests! As always thanks so much for all the support!

Joolca Shower Mount for GFC
Optimized design for mounting a Joolca Shower Stall to your GFC! Being specifically designed for this model means the shower is as close to the camper as possible (0.8 inch), ultra strong, and minimal hardware needed. Made of Billet 6061 Aluminum. Includes (2) brackets and all tnuts and hardware needed.



SolarMount for Beef Bars
Easily mount most solar panels to you GFC Beef Bars. Most panels will sit below the crossbar, and can be mounted both directions to best configure your rack.



I’m confused bc my truck has never been exposed to “water pouring in” from my camper.

When is the next batch of drip rails shipping?

Just got back from vacation and picking up from powder coat tomorrow hopefully


The drip rails are great. Not sure about your situation, but on a tacoma, in the rain, water pours in. Either you’ve got a different truck or you haven’t ever been setting up in the rain. Not sure. I highly recommend the JED drip rails. Super great upgrade.



The first add-on item I purchased, even before getting my GFC. Strongly recommend, at least for Tacoma owners.

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Still have any of these?

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No I don’t. Sorry!

Sorry to be slow. Where does water pour in? I’m a Tacoma owner with July install date. Thank you!

Generally, water drips or pours in from the front corner drain holes on the camper into the rear door area when those doors are open. Happens on 4 door or access cab models. It can be a lot of water. The drip rails direct the water more medial on the roof so the water runs down the back window where toyota designed it to go. The punchline is that gear, seats, food inside get much less wet if you’re setting up in the rain.



Hey everyone! I just launched the newly designed DripRail! The updates are mostly cosmetic to better match the lines of the V2 and just have a sleeker faster look, but they do extend back to cover the new drain holes. As before they are all aluminum that is laser cut and cnc bent, then welded and powder coated. All 100% made in the USA! Price has also stayed the same and they include all hardware and tnuts.


Dang i just bought a pair of the old style 1 month ago

Oh man!!! These look dope. Great work. I held out since rainy season is over but they look too good. Def getting a pair.

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They functionally work the same as very little if any water comes out of the rear drain hole. :+1:

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I thought they looked different when i ordered my pull down strap yesterday

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Oh man! Definitely a 5% increase in speed! New design is clean!

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Does the new design still work on the V1 campers? I really need to get a set of these and I keep forgetting as I don’t drive the truck as much. We are moving up to the PNW though so I am going to need them and I have a V1 >.<