JE Design & Fabrication GFC accessories

@Tynan I have a few sets of V1 steel ones left. Just put you have a V1 in the order notes and I’ll get the correct ones sent out. Thanks!

Rock on, I just put in an order on your site and put in the notes as you stated for a V1 (order 2174). Have any other V1 goodies left? >.>


Have a new simple way to mount a wind fairing to your GFC coming soon. Have a little bit of testing to finish up, but looking good so far. Will be aluminum and include all tnuts and hardware. Should work with all wind fairings as they are really adjustable.


These look awesome-

Awesome, looking forward to these!

Would this work as a tie down for holding a 270 awning open? I was trying to find a eye bolt and t-track stud to accomplish this, but not having any luck.

@krameraxeman Yeah i think they would work great.

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I noticed you have a ATLAS mount specifically for 270 awning straps. Does this come with the t-nut and bolt?

Lumbering Bear GFC T-Slot ATLAS | Lumbering Bear Adven (

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@krameraxeman I do not make the lumbering bear stuff but shoot @Rancho a message and he can help you out! He does make great stuff!


Yea it does come with GZilla t-nut. Drop me a note if you have any more questions.

These look great. I am in for a set.

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It looks like the joolca and far mounts are no longer listed on your site. Are these no longer going to be produced or did you just hide out of stock items on the site? Hope it’s the latter :slight_smile:

@blarblarjosh Shoot me an email at I am going to stop making them (too little demand) but I have a set left.

Hey what kind of timeline do you think you are looking at for these? Curious how you’re planning angle adjustment? I have a fairing that I’d most certainly mount up with what you appear to be developing.

One of the goals is not letting it touch the roof so I need to redesign them stiffer. Not sure on my timeline as I am a bit slammed with my real job and family obligations.

Damn, I was just saving up to buy these two bc you made specific brackets for them. : /

Hi Josh,

Curious if you’ve ever designed tower mounts with tie down holes that are compatible for the beef bars that ship straight from GFC. I know you have your 10rack, but that isn’t ideal for someone who already has a set of racks already.

Hope you are well and thanks!

Hi @OhHiMark I haven’t made anything for the Beef Bars other than the SolarMount. Maybe in the future, but I am slammed right now with the real job.

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