JE Design & Fabrication GFC accessories

Are you still offering these? Thanks!

I am not. FSR made some changes that make install too difficult for many folks.

Wanted to update what I have available as some products have come and gone since I started this post over 3 years ago! A few products will be gone soon because if they don’t sell well it is hard for me to justify keeping them in stock since this is all out of my already very full garage. Hopefully this helps new GFC owners out too as they can see all the upgrades in one post.

Everything is available at

The DripRail directs water coming off the GoFast Platform Camper to inside the vehicles factory drip rail helping to keep your backseat dry. These only work for the V2 and look extra cool on the Pro as they were designed around the new machined parts.

The TentPull gives you an easy way to pull down your tent (V2 only again) without awkwardly grabbing the fabric. Helps protect the tent and keeps you dry when the tent is wet. All internal mounting means everything stays connected and out of the weather, so no need to remember to attach a strap every time you open your tent. Uses a custom length Aerostrap from our friends at @AERONAUT

The StepUp makes getting up and down into the tent easier and safer. Low profile to not interfere with side access or stick out into the bed space. This was the product that launched JE Designs! Billet Clamps only.

Put your lights (or any magnetic accessory) exactly where you need it around the camper both inside and out. These are incredibly handy as the GFC space frame is all aluminum. Having a modular light system is a nice upgrade if you want some lights in addition to the awesome lighting on the Pro.

Not GFC specific, but a really slick way to mount your Mr. Buddy Buddy Heater (model MH9BX) to your trucks factory bedrail. Extends heater 1.5" out from the bedrail to allow for campers and other bed top accessories. Not having to wait for your heater to cool down before hitting the road is an added perk.

The SolarMount for Beef Bars and RackMount will be discontinued once I sell out my current stock.

Thanks for all the support! It has been a dream to be able to start a small business with everything made in the USA.


I love the items I’ve purchased (DripRails, Mag Spot, StepUps) from you. Design, quality, etc., everything is top-notch.


I enjoy all the products I have received from you! Great service and creativity!!! Thanks Brother!

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