Julian's 2021 TRD Pro Build

Thanks @Buhlockaye @GFCTundra! Grommets are all from Home Depot in the hardware aisle — the drawers near the washers if I recall correctly.

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Quick update from the road!

Our @GFC got us through a solid February down in BC/BCS :mexico:

(:point_up_2: Having some “fun” trying to get out to a beach) :roll_eyes:

(:wave: Hi @DirtTrailsWanted )

Followed by visits to 30 National Park Service units in 30 days in March! :evergreen_tree:

Stoked for what is still to come this year after a quick break back in the bay. :pickup_truck::dash:



2 questions:

Did the fan help cut down on condensation issues?

Did you ever upgrade the mattress?


Hey @GainzGFC!

  1. Fan continues to be one of our favorite and most used modifications in our camper. Has completely alleviated our condensation issues when cold-weather camping.

  2. Our mattress remains stock. We’ll throw down our Nemo backpacking pads (especially when staying in one location for many nights) but for quick overnights we’re content as it is!



Are the screens available for purchase yet?! What a great build, thanks for the inspiration!


What size BFG’s you running?

Build Update 11/19/23 — Introducing Power to the Rear of the Cab

It’s been a minute! Checking in with a quick build update:

I dropped in a hardwired Blue Sea Systems Dual USB port along with a Dometic 12V port to the rear of the cab for convenient charging of accessories that used to clutter the front cup holders. While the center console was ripped out, I also took the opportunity to run the wiring for my external antenna.

I routed all the wiring directly to the engine bay, passing through the center console and dash, keeping it completely out of sight. I’m stoked on how “factory” looking everything turned out.

There are a few more modifications I’m working on, including setting up wireless monitoring for my dual battery system, flat mounting my Starlink, and finally mounting a winch. I’ll share a few dedicated updates on these as they progress. Stay tuned! :v:


Looking good!

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That’s exactly where I ran a Dometic plug and it is super nice to have. Nice work!

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