Julian's 2021 TRD Pro Build

Count me in for a GFC group trip!


Hi @julian im thinking I’ll install the same fan unless there’s a new improvement to venting introduced this year (I pick up my camper in the fall). Had a couple of queries regarding tour install:

Would you still use the same fan now or is there any newer improved options available that you are aware of? I understand your fan has both intake and exhaust features which I like.

When the camper is closed do you need to remove panels due to fan depth?

Regarding the jigsaw, was there a specific blade type you used for the honey comb? I’m worried about rough cuts or possible cracking.

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@julian Just saw your post in pudding and was wondering if you detailed how you installed a winch in the stock bumper? I looked through the thread real quick and didn’t see anything. Definitely had to remove the crash bar. How’d you mount it?


Thanks @stickyTaco! I “hand trace” google map screenshots in Figma to create these year in review graphics. It’s time consuming, but fun way to reflect on the year. Scheming on something more interactive for my 2024 year in review…

Hey @Trucker. Zero complaints with the fan after running it these past few years. Still my favorite GFC mod. I never experience condensation in cold weather, no leaks in the rain, and stay comfortable in the desert heat—all while maintaining privacy.

The fan depth on interior is not a problem, even with the thicker HEST Mattress + HEST Comforter I have been leaving up there—it does not interfere.

As for cutting, IIRC I used a finer tooth blade to start the cuts, and finished the corners off by hand with a pull saw or something similar.

Nice eye @Cbar! I’m overdue on dropping a few major updates on this thread. I’ll follow up on winch system in coming week or so when completed, it’s mounted, but not yet wired up!


Big Build Update 02/12/24 — Reimagining the bed layout

Remember when I said this build was “done” over a year ago? …I should have known better :cowboy_hat_face:

I now find myself in the process of reimagining the bed layout to improve a few quality of life things for another massive ~7 – 8 month long trip! (Headed up to the far reaches of Newfoundland & Labrador via stops in the keys, appalachia, and UP.)

The simplicity of the bed layout as its exists has been excellent—and if it wasn’t for another extended period of full time living out of the GFC, I’d most likely leave it exactly as is. It’s the perfect simple setup for overnighters, weekends, and 1 – 3 week long trips w/o accommodation “breaks”.

The QoL improvements to be made are to support the comfort of “full time” living:

  • Downsizing our fridge (To 45L from 95L) and relocating it to the cab.
  • Introducing running water for cooking, cleaning, etc.
  • Improving the comfort of the open “lounging space”
  • Honoring the principals that went into our current layout: Maintaining a sense of openness with an approachable, comfortable, and minimal feel that prioritizes livable space over gear.

Excited to share more with y’all here as things progress. In the meantime cross-posting a few of my marketplace listings, including a free GFC mattress and the custom cabinet that was built for the current layout. Please DM me if interested in either!


Such a rad evolving build and I’m SO down for a baja group adventure :call_me_hand:


What are you planning on for storage with the cabinet gone? Drawer system?

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