Kinsmen Hardware still around?

Does anyone know if Kinsmen Hardware is still around? I ordered my 270 awning back in January, expecting a 3-month lead time, and when I just went back to check the website and try to get contact info, their website is down.

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No way, I paid for one back in November, tried to get a response via email several times now. This isn’t good news….

Their site is still up, I just checked. The lead time changed tho

Per their instagram the founder quit his day job and moved into a commercial building. I would say they are going through growing pains but will start cranking out awnings soon. Login • Instagram

This :arrow_up: I know he also lost an important employee and has not been able to find a replacement.

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I ordered mine in November so the three month lead time would’ve meant delivery in February. It didn’t come and was told would have it by March. Still hasn’t shown up so have emailed with him back and forth a couple of times - have to spam his social media to even get a response. No firm dates or timeline has been given on when it will get delivered. Pretty frustrating…

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not good news.

alucab makes a nice 270 - similar price point. might be a better option for some


Yup - their site came up for me when I checked in later this morning, thanks for pointing it out. Also, I checked his Instagram and saw that he just moved into some larger commercial building, so that explains some of the added delays… so there are positive signs of life…

Glad I saw this…

I ordered my awning in December and no word or follow-up since. There is no phone number listed on the site and a few emails I’ve sent have gone unanswered. Hope it’s just supply chain and moving buildings, but a generic, “sorry for the delay” email seems appropriate. Hope to get my awning before it really gets hot!

I salute all of you and your patience but there is ZERO reason to not list a contact number or not reply to email. Especially the latter. I’d stop payment via the Credit Card company and support another business.

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Alu-cab. I haven’t compared them side by side but they look pretty damn similar. I sure like mine.

If you have the 270 AluCab mounted up - the only question I had left was what mounts and how does it interact with the side doors. Maybe you have some info in another post about this?

I’m traveling today so can’t get you a link. But yes there’s a bunch of info on another post.

I use 2 gfc mounts and one custom from @AlexaB

There’s another thread I posted in about it: Kinsmen on a V2

I’ve been contacting Kinsmen on/off since ordering the GFC V2 in July. I offered to drive from FL to SC to help with measurements/get a prototype bracket made, since they didn’t have one to test. Communication was lacking, but I always got a response in a week or so. When the 270 awning went on sale with the V2 bracket, I ordered immediately, and shot them another email saying I was excited and congrats/etc. Fast forward three months later, just after the lead time estimate, I mentioned to them that I was about going to be in the area on four separate occasions in the near future and offered to pick-up and save them on shipping. That’s when communication pretty much stopped, each time I was in the area, I got a response a week+ later saying it wasn’t ready. I tried a final time in the beginning of April but I still haven’t received a response (that was two+ weeks ago).

I get it, things happen and lead times get pushed out, but the lack of response/communication for myself, since I was in contact so much, and others that ordered, is really disappointing. I think many would be OK waiting longer, as long as there was some form of official updates, and not having to dig through social posts to see what is happening. I’ll continue to hold off for a few weeks, but I’ll cancel and go with the AluCab if I don’t have something in a months time.


I just received an update from kinsmen, they also included an explanation of the events that are causing the delay as well as a spread sheet showing your order number status in the process.
So thankful I have been patiently waiting for this, having an extremely strong leg less awning is a must, having to pack up in a sudden wind gust is a no no, I want something that can handle that.
My order is looking to be a few weeks out.

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I wrote them on Thursday explaining they NEED to send out an update or they should expect orders to start being cancelled. I have a follow-up with them next week to see how I can help with this process/engaging with customers (type of work I do).

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Thank you for helping, I knew they were having growing pains, and with all the other offerings in the market I didn’t want to compromise. Stoked to see my order number on a list and where it’s at production wise is very relieving, considering it was a $2000+ purchase

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That’s good news! Radio silence is not fun

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I agree 100%. This reply requires 25 characters = stupid.

I was going g to order a kinsman for my Gofast. I have to reconsider my options now.

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