Long Bed, Regular Cab F350 Build

So I’ve started building out a replacement for the Tacoma. Decided to get a little weird with it. I’m of the opinion that the appropriate amount of doors for a truck to have is two. And since I don’t have any kids, and it’s often only me and my dog, I’m going regular cab because, well, because I can. Living the dream.

But wait, you say. GFC doesn’t really make a camper for an 8’ bed. That’s true. And let me officially say that as of right now, that is 100% true. We don’t make one. But we want to. We just need to find out if we can make all the geometry work with our frame system and if all the big pieces will fit in our machinery. So in the spirit of teasing you all with the prospect of greatness that a long-bed rig can be, I commence the build. Don’t get your hopes up. It might not work. But then again… it just might.

I’ll kick things off with the truck. A rare bird. 2022 F350 regular cab, diesel, in XL trim… Race Red:

More to come.


Oh heck yeah, this is what we like to see.


8ft camper would be an absolute game changer! Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:.


That truck looks great! With a full 8-ft bed you have some interesting options for fitting the GFC. Are you planning for the closed camper to be flush with the roof of the truck?

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Going with the normal full height of a GFC just without overhang. With the 8ft bed, the extra height will turn it into a massive amount of room. And the aerodynamics are less of an issue on the Superduty.


That’s a truck. You can fit a tacoma IN the bed. You should be able to put sink, fridge, stove and a tv in the back of that beauty and still have room for 2 recliners. Of course you need red panels and tangerine tent to go with it. EPIC!


I always come back to the silliness of the word “huckable” and when I look at an F350 with 8’ bed… “huckable” is not a word that comes to mind. =oP

Also, I have to say how peculiar a single cab truck looks anymore… it’s a unicorn find to see anything without even an extended cab.

I look forward to seeing how this turns out!


Sweet truck! My first truck was a 78 Ford f350 regular cab 4x4. I wish I still had it.

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The model has been 3d modeled. The machines programmed and the good news is that, for the Superduty at least, the long beams fit inside our CNC machines. Just barely. Had some time today to assemble the lower frame for a test fit on the bed. All looks good. Thing’s huge. Frame is the same height as the camper on a short bed Superduty, but the tent won’t overhang at all because of the 8’ bed. Hope to get this all together in time for testing in Baja this December. Looking good so far. Need to get some weight in that bed and settle those Deavers down.


Well this truck isn’t nearly as huckable as the Tacoma with the Total Chaos kit on it. But it does have the Carli Pintop kit with Foxes on it. The goal with the Superduty is something that can do off road trips comfortably and still tow this:


Sweet truck! What size tires are you running and are you running rear springs from Carli if so what spring did you choose?
I’m in the process of doing the same with mine.

that is a sweet rig. I was wondering if there were maybe plans to make just the frame, no panels, so the roof of the tent is even with the roof of the cab? is it possible with current frame extrusions? Even just a bed rack that could be shipped with UPS/FedEx is pieces?

This would look amazing with Dare Ya Red door panels.

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Thanks. The tires on it are 37" x 12.5 R17. it has the full Carli pintop kit with the full Deavers in the back. I went with the lightest spring Carli had but I think it might still be too stiff. We’ll see once it’s built out.

Anything is possible but no plans for that as of right now. I do like the campers without the panels though. On the long bed campers my thought is that the extra height is very beneficial inside without much downside. I’m hoping this size works out because I think a 4-door long bed full size is the ultimate family camper. it’ll go most places most people take their Tacomas and there is a massive amount of room inside this thing.

Good to know. Thanks. Love this build!

I feel like that would need to be avocado green with fake wood paneling and call it “The Family Huckster” and yes it would be an epic family camper


Looks sweet. I like it

Update on the big red truck. Took the prototype 8ft camper out to Oregon to visit family for thanksgiving. Only spent one cold (18 deg F) night in it but so far prospects are looking good for this becoming a production model. I’ll be taking it down to Baja for some more serious testing at the end of December. But so far so good.

Fitment was all good. Ford doesn’t get too wild on the shapes and sizes of their full-sized beds.

To give you an idea of how big this thing is downstairs, look how tiny the tent is comparatively. That’s the normal XL sized upper. So much room.

Cold morning in Southern Idaho.

The temporary “buildout”. I like to keep things pretty simple.


This makes me so happy! Long time coming. When do you think we can realistically look at ordering these?