Ruff Road Designs MOLLE Panels


Looking for additional storage for your GFC? Check out our latest MOLLE panels for the front wall of the GFC!

These are all aluminum to keep the weight down and bolt directly onto the existing accessory mounting points on the GFC frame.

Mid size trucks: $255 + Shipping
Full size trucks: $285 + Shipping
+$55 for powder coating (Black matching the GFC V2 frame)

All orders will be processed via my website

To help determine what panels are most popular please fill out the following form, this helps me determine how many of each panel type to order

MOLLE Panel Form

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I also have MOLLE panels for behind the rear seats of the Toyota Tacoma.

V1 GFC owners: The V1 GFC only has 4 mounting points (V2 has 6) therefore the panel may need to be secured to the frame at additional points to prevent rattling. I recommend a Quick Fist clamp around the diagonal cross member. Zip ties and/or stick on foam trim from the hardware store work as well.

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Filled out! Also interested in the rear seat molle for 3rd Gen Tacoma

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Awesome! What year/cab style Tacoma do you have?

2017 DCSB. Dont need powder coating. Raw is fine also for finish.

Do you have the power rear window?

Yes, Yes I do.
. . .

Just sold out of the power window version unfortunately but more are on the way!

Completed the form ! 2020 Ram 2500 V2

Submitted the form for my 2022 Ford F250 and GFC v2!

I went to the form but for the mid-size category there is no Jeep Gladiator as an option. Will these fit the Gladiator?

Completed the form for my 2020 RAM 1500. Happy to support a cool product at a killer price!

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I haven’t had a chance to measure a Jeep gladiator in person yet, I’ll send you a PM as it’s possible the Gladiator is the same dimensions as another existing panel.

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Just a quick update for everyone.

I am slowly working through the form responses and sending follow up PMs to get shipping qoutes.
Been a crazy week at work but if you haven’t received a PM yet don’t worry it’s on the way soon.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


How much weight can these hold? They attach to rubber well nuts which I’ve never used before so I’m not familiar with them.

The panels are intended to hold things like recovery straps, shackles, shovel, axe…ect.
I don’t know an exact weight limit as it will vary alot by how items are attached to the panel.

For example a 15lb item mounted with only 1 hole of the MOLLE grid will be a bad idea.

A 15lb item with 4 mounting points 10"+ apart would be totally acceptable.

For additional weight capacity I recommend adding 2 “Quick Fist Minis” to attach the panel to the 2 diagonal frame members of the GFC.

I may have missed it, and have already ordered and paid :slight_smile: but was curious what thickness aluminum these are just for general info?

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These are 8 gauge aluminum (.128" thick)

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***** I will not be accepting any additional responses until I can catch up on the current responses and the form will be temporarily disabled ******

A website is in the works to help manage the chaos lol


Appreciate all the hard work creating these for everyone! :+1:


This is what I have been looking for a long time. I guess I can wait little longer until the FORM opens up again.