Scene/Camp Lighting

Who has some side or rear scene lights mounted on their GFC? Show us what you got!

I think some side lighting is a nice thing to have in certain situations while driving, but this would mostly be used for setting up/breaking down camp.

I’m considering the S2 sports-


The Rigid 1x2 Scene light-

I’m leaning towards the Rigid at least for the sides, it looks like they would mount up nicely with some t-nuts. They would be wired up to a switch in the cab (using a relay of course), but I also want to have a secondary power wire to a 8mm plug for a power station in the bed. Maybe even a dimmer switch. I don’t know if we’ll have enough time (or if that’s even a good idea, I’m no Thomas Edison).

Anyone have any other good solutions?

I attached an S2 pro at each rear corner of the GFC. I mounted them to a beef rack so that they would rise up when the tent is up, this giving me a wider range of coverage. The angle is easily adjustable so I can point then in the direction I want before popping the tent. They’ve been awesome and even put out enough light for late nights climbs near camp.

I had these (never installed) but were told they are the same as the Rigid’s. The price point is much better too

I like the idea of having the s2’s up high when the camper is open.

Also, found your build thread- tons of great info and inspiration. Thanks for putting that together.

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