So what is the single most useful, coolest, simplest, or best aspect of your build?

I’d be interested to see which aspects of your build have made your GFC life the easiest or bestest or whatever… Pics please.


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Ok. I’ll start.

Having paper towels in my GFC is not only perfect for camping, but leaving the roll in there has proven useful way beyond my initial calculations. I probably go through a roll every 6 weeks or so…

Super simple construction.

Coat hanger and road bike tube.



A piece of strap cut from an old tie-down. Mounted to the tailgate using the existing screws to pull the tailgate up from inside the camper.


$50 bed rug for the tailgate. Best buy ever.


Not GFC related, I have a combination-lock console vault that I keep cash, park passes, extra copy of fishing license, GFC/tailgate/wheel keys, and some PPE.

GFC related, I don’t have much–I’m still gathering ideas from the community–but I really like leaving my superfat big agnes hinman pad upstairs.

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I really like this simple rear awning for shade or rain. It goes up and down really quick and easy to store. I copied this from @ace7196 build thread


Ok. I like this awning. Can you post a link for that thread? Maybe I’ll copy too…


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More details please? That is brilliant!

…Long travel.


I used two 4 ft by 1/2 in aluminum poles from home depot and some silpoly fabric I got a a local fabric shop. I had someone sew the fabric for me.
I got it from this build thread


Section of dog fence attached w hose clamps. Seat back organizer and 2 garbage cans for storage. And yes an 18 year old carpet kit is still kicking until next summers upgrade.


(Responding to Robjob’s tailgate handle)

Genius! And makes me question why my marbles never thought of it!:joy:

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Modular Bed light… or rather bike light on a carabiner…


Sooo cool. If I could ask, what is the function of the white cloth going around the perrimiter? Also how many clamps did you use?

That is a Big Agnes tent light. And I used 4 hose clamps

My floor/mounting platform. I built it out of 3/4" plywood, and sprayed it with truck bed liner. Almost every idea I have is made easier by being able to mount stuff to the floor of the bed. All I have to do to add anything new is drill some holes and add nut inserts. It took less than a day to build, so it’s no problem to replace if it comes to that. So far, I just have a homemade propane locker and ski rack that I’ve mounted.


similar to @robjob - but as we have kids and often use the tailgate as a kitchen, mounted a small loop faced ‘out’ so it mostly out of the way, hopeful the kids or wife wont snag it as they exit the vehicle, its slightly offset to one side but makes it easy to pull the tailgate close. have this on both our tacomas


Where does the locker vent go?

The f150 bed has a hole in each bottom corner of the bulkhead. They’re normally used to route tubes for water drainage from a tonneau cover.