Softer mattress options?

UPDATE! As of October, 2023, all new orders of the Platform Camper, Platform RTT, and all those currently in production now ship with our new Turbo-Nap Sleep System mattress included. We spent more than a year developing the Turbo-Nap mattress and we think it’s hands-down the most comfortable mattress on the truck camper market.

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I love my GFC and have over 30 nights in it. My only complaint is the mattress is to hard. Has anyone upgraded their mattress? I have been using my backpacking pad to soften it up.

There has been a good amount of discussion about this. Do a search… I don’t have mine yet, but my plan is to throw a 1" or 1.5" egg crate over the 2 sections closest to our heads and call it good. Dunno. Maybe that won’t be enough.


Check out this thread. People have experimented with memory foam and other options. Most convenient way to move panels around I think is to use the camper as is but I could not handle the 2in mattress myself. It was way too stiff. Currently I am using 2 in memory foam underneath custom sheets with the two small squares upside down. Closes no problem

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Yes, I had to change my mattress, because I have a back pain problem, It’s really hard to sleep on a hard mattress, that’s why I changed it, and also bought a mattress protector through Fig Linens coupons to feel more comfortable.

Get an Exped Pad.

It is a tight fit on a standard platform and perfect for XL platform. Exped can adjust for soft or firmness and has a high R value. Furthermore, when deflated you can leave the sleeping, pillow etc in the RTT. Making setup / setdown a breeze.

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This cannot be true. I bought one and tried closing the roof but it doesn’t come even close. Have you actually tried this with the original cushions in?

Most with the Exped take out the original pads

I have the Exped Max Duo on order. Should arrive next week. I’ll let you know how it works out. Others on separate threads have recommended it.

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Qomotop duo, cheaper exped. Love mine.

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Memory foam topper. Works great and you can close the camper with it installed.

What thinkness memory foam?
How did you set it up?
Did you cut it to fit the panels or rolled it out in one piece?


@EasyOffRoading we just purchased the overland softgoods mattress topper and sheets, super impressed - and made my life easier (not just precut topper but my wife said it was her best night sleep in the GFC yet) was well worth the money


Second this! Although my wife hasn’t slept in the camper yet with the new topper. However, my buddy and I did a trip a week or so ago and slept quite well. For reference, we’re both 200+ lbs (>91kg for the rest of the world, or >14.3 stone those interested) each.


Just ordered mine. Thanks for the reviews. That’s my only complaint about a gfc is the mattress. We will see what the wife says about it.


I got 2” thick stuff. I cut each panel out of a queen sized one and put on top of the GFC cushions. Then just covered with the fitted sheets. Works great! It’s comfortable and you can still close the camper. you have a V1, right?

@prakashsurya V1 - correct

I picked up 2 Hest fluffy regular mattresses. I little pricey and they juts be removed to close the tent… but it’s night an day difference. You use a VRNCLR bedding catch to hold one and the other is in the bed of the truck.

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+1 for @WrinkledPants overland softgoods - this topper has been an incredible upgrade. Their sheets are fantastic too! Still closes really easily too, I’ve got a V2 for reference


We use the REI Co-op self inflating sleeping pad on top of the installed pad. Easy to inflate and deflate and can leave in the tent along with sleeping bags. We get to camp, open up tent, switch the pad to inflate and leave it. It will self inflate to a comfortable level (we tried adding air and it made it too hard). To deflate, I switch it to deflate, fold it in half, kneel on it to expel air, fold in half again and repeat. Lay it out flat so that it toes into the small end of the tent. Easy and fast. If you want to leave your sleeping bag in place when tent is collapsed, make sure it starts in the small end and any overlap between two bags ins in the middle of the platform. Convenient and comfortable. We bought ours at REI on line. For our truck (2022 SR5 Tacoma), we have two regular size mats and they fill the entire space side to side and leave a gap length wise.