Tent insulation

We will look for ways to modify the basic design to fit other camper/tent models. Thanks for your interest!

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absolutely in for one when its ready

do you have an idea of the fabric you are using for production? will there be options for side doors/ no side doors? I personally don’t have them. how about rough price point that you are maybe targeting? I need to start saving my allowancecoughwife.

the other week it was in the 30’s and I had bad condensation with both windows open and rain fly cracked a bit. I was in a steep valley next to a river after a week of rain and it rained a bit that night. so not ideal for dry tent but it was bad

I will have more definitive answers to your specific questions next week. This is much more about managing moisture inside the tent than actual heat insulation, for sure.


thanks for the reply

Consider me in on this as well. Hoping that you may have early production by my mid-February install date.

How did your meeting go @WrinkledPants? Any news for us?


@WrinkledPants - following this as I am either going to make or buy insulation very soon. LMK if buy is an option with you.


Here’s a quick up-date on the winter insulation kit that we are developing for the GFC Tents.

We constructed our first prototype last week. Eric Alexander took it out Friday night to see how it works and came back with some very positive feedback on the effectiveness. Our first iteration uses high end technical materials. It was very effective at moisture management and provided a fair degree of thermal insulation. Outside temps were in the high 20’s and inside tent temp stayed around 48-50 degrees. Heat was generated by Eric and his twelve year old daughter.

We are going to construct a similar insulation curtain using lower tech materials for purpose of comparison.

The tech materials are pretty expensive and seem to work well. We’ll see how a less expensive material fares in our next test.

I wish that this process was moving faster but we are going to do it right.

All for now,


Awesome news! Nothing good comes easy.


Thanks! Finding the right materials for the task that we can reliably source is extra tricky right now!

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Nice work Scott! Stoked to see how it all turns out. And testing is definitely one of the best parts of the gig :wink:

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AWESOME!!!.. thanks for the updates

Glad to hear initial concepts are working out. Really looking forward to seeing what you finalize.

Will this be available for XL? Very interested in this idea. I have a similar thing for a Seek Outside backpacking tipi. Basically a thin layer of sil-nylon that attaches inside the tent, creating an air pocket on the tent wall. Really helps with the condensation.

really no teaser pics?

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Will it be compatible with V1?

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Is this going to be able to remain in place in such a way as to allow the whole thing to go into stow/travel mode? Or will it create too much bulk and need to be removed prior to stowage?

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My design (if I make one) will be removable easily - think color coded magnets or similar to allow a quick and easy and foolproof setup. I already find it hard enough to close the tent with the mattress in and some bedding on it - seems like adding an insulated tent wall would make it not closable without noticeable strain on the top of the tent. You can get it a really good bend to the extrusions if you close it with too much stuff inside.

Only problem is I have no plan to sell my design! If I end up doing this, I may just open source the plans and let anyone who wants to use them.


It will be a close fit. I have a three inch mattress in my tent so there is zero extra room.