Track nut alternative

I had a few GFC t nuts that stripped out on me. Anyone have an alternative? I’m sure there’s something that would work on Graingers website

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I know a number of people, myself included, are on the lookout for alternatives. I’d like to find something that costs a bit less.

@Zkzr2 just suggested a possibility here: What’s up with hinges breaking. But I’m not sure that anyone has found an alternative that really fits.

I’m currently working with a friend on developing some GFC goodies.
I should have some stuff in hand next week I’m guessing to give a test fit then they’ll go into production if they pass.

Several different types of track nuts will be available, awning mounts, rear door (rain fly) supports with poles, crossbar racks, tent pull down straps, a solar wiring solution and possibly more. Most products will be constructed of lightweight aluminum.
All will be available for a simple online checkout purchase, with the goal being that items are always in stock and priced very competitively.


Following, definitely interested in alternatives. Will they be exact copies or some improved adjustments?

Good work 2ayne, ill definitely be ordering some.

As far as the small 10-32 track nuts they will be very similar. Since they twist in their isn’t much room for anything different.
1/4-20 will have to still stick off the side of the extrusion a bit since there isn’t enough metal in the nut to produce enough treads to get a good bite with a bolt that size.
Also going to make some 10-32s that slide in that will have a little larger mating surface so they can be used on the side extrusions. You won’t be able to use those in the rear because it’s blocked in, obviously.


sounds good - thanks for the details! definitely interested in the slide-in option for the side extrusions - the twist design is cool but seems like it will come undone for whatever reason and I’m having to constantly double-check that my awning is secured.
hopefully the alternative will be economically affordable as well.

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Sweet, thanks 2anye, looking forward to peeping the wares. Please share the link when you launching…

It’s awesome to see alternatives come onto the market. In regards to the twist design track nuts failing, I’ll simply add that I have about 30k+ miles on my setup and haven’t had a single track nut comes loose, that is highway going up to 90 mph and plenty of bumpy off road miles. That includes track nuts holding four solar panels on beef racks as well as plenty of track nuts holding up my awning, light mounts, etc.


I’m not the one making them personally.
I reached out to a friend who has been making awning brackets, fj parts and other off-road parts for a while now and he was all on board with building some new product for the GFC platform.
He’s already produced more than 100 track nuts and is shipping me some to try. Once I say “they’re good” he’s going to throw them on the website ASAP.
Talks are he’s going to make it to where you can order individuals and price will be adjusted per quantity purchased. Bolts will be stainless steel.
Nuts will be cut from 6061 or 7075 aluminum and clear coated.

Haven’t set a price yet but it will be wallet friendly.



I have also not had issues with my twist track nuts. But having an alternative at a good price point will be good. I plan to do a diy rack and other accessory mounts so these will be good for that.


Might be making a roof rack as well.

Until then, here’s some other goodies in the works.


Are these tent flap blocks for a spring rod?

Yes sir. The start of them.




Sign me up for the pull down strap. Looks great.


Oooowwwweeeeee girl you sign me up right now!!


So I’m feeling kind of dumb, but is my camper different than everyone else’s?

I don’t have any “track” above the grab bar


Does anyone? I don’t either.