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Greetings all ! I stumbled upon this forum while searching for a solution to secure my Weboost Reach Overland. My kit came with the articulating bracket and hardware, except it was missing the antenna brace/ mast holder. From what I have read on other reviews, WeBoost discontinued this item in the kit because it was transmitting shocks from the road/vehicle when driving over uneven surfaces/offroad, causing the plastic housing around the antenna to break. Since I don’t have the brace, I have not encountered this problem. However, I also can’t fold the antennae flat because if I do, the antenna bulb will start knocking on the surface of my roof rack and will certain break. I live in Long Island and we have extremely low underpasses on our parkways, so the only solution that has worked for me is to keep the antennae mast locked in the 45* position but it worries me everytime I go over one of those underpasses that states the clearnce is less than 9 ft (eeks) !
So, I’d be very interested in the brace/mast holder that you have been working on. I feel that carbon fiber would be a better material to built this with, since atleast on paper it should absorb more of the vibrations than metal. Putting some additional cushioning material like silicone or rubber on the surface that the mast extension rod will rest on would make things even better and also rubber cushion mat underneath the bracket holder that secures the bracket of the brace to the metal roof rack would probably mak this full proof.

Want to hear what thoughts you all have. I know there are a bunch of folks out there with the same problem that we all have.

Here’s a YT video of somone that has been an amplifier for all of our struggles with a poorly designed product that we are are looking for solutions to.

Looking forward to your thoughts and hoping we can collectively come up with a solution to this nagging problem.

Cheers !


Btw, here’s my overlander :blush: ( pre-Weboost antenna install ) ---->

I did see that video, but I thought they made fixes to the antenna. They just sent me a second mast/support so I would have one for modeling.

But, with that. I’m also considering something that the antenna bulb (not idea what to call it) rests in.

Do you have any more of the antennae base mounts in black that would mount to the inside bed rail?

I haven’t made any that mount to a bed rail. I’d have to take a look at a Tacoma’s bed rail to design something but getting a one off made out of aluminum would be pricier than my batch runs.

Hello gang!
Some updates

First, I’m getting another run of mounts made right after the new year.

Second, I sourced some better bolts so rusting won’t be a problem (I’m going to send new bolts to everyone who has bought from me)

Third, I’ve been working on a better “cradle” for the antenna when it’s folded down. I’ve got two versions. One that mounts to the track on the side if you are folding front to rear. The other will mount to either a Beef Bar or other cross bar (still in progress). There will be some foam padding in the cradle. And I believe the tension from the spring will hold it in the cradle (I’ll be testing myself!)

Here are some photos of the prototype. I think I’m going to need to do these in aluminum as well. While the 3d print looks awesome, and it does appear strong. I don’t think it will hold up to bouncing down the road. But, if people are interested in trying them I can print a few up and we can see how they do.


That revision looks great, Jason!

I am interested in a 3D printed one. Let me know next steps

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I’ll refine things over the weekend and let you all know. I think if I print them 100% fill with PA-CF (carbon fiber) they will hold up. Thanks for the input @jedgar!


There ya go man!! Nice work!!

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Ok, I’ve doine a bunch of prototyping and refining over the last few days and I believe I have a usuable product. So, I’ll post up this coming weekend with the updated design. I do think the PATH-CF printed at 100% will hold up well. And I have a tuned design that won’t require a bunch of supports and post print cleanup.



Ok. I believe I have a production form I’m happy with. I’ll be sending some out to the buyers of my first batch of WeBoost mounts along with stainless replacement bolts.

I’m running another batch of WeBoost mounts and I’ll have some of the cradles available as well. Once those are done I’ll post a link to the store!


Would love to get on the list for a mount. Let me know what you need from me.

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I’ll check on this post when I get more in. So, you’re on the list. I’ve got a batch of 10 or 20 being done as soon as I can get on their schedule.

In other news. I’m not having good luck with the cradle printing. I swapped to a .6 nozzle and the quality hasn’t been good. Both PAHT-CF and ASA are coming out really badly. PLA comes out just fine.

I’ll have to do some research. I’ve been drying the filament before printing but it is probably a combination of things.

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I know a guy.


I was going to hit you up!


I can’t stand when that happens, it blows!! If my machines weren’t running 24/7 I’d offer up some print time for ya.


Thanks! I’m pretty sure it’s because I need to dry the filament. Just ordered a drier that goes up to 70c. Mine only went up to 55c.

Also making some changes based on advice from @Eisenheim to the design. Once I get those dialed and I get a drier I’ll take another run at it!


Excellent man, please reach out if you need anything. I’ve been doing this stuff for ages…