What have you done to your GFC this week

If I had been smart I would have gotten these

FixnZip (Medium, Nickel) - See Size Guide - Universal Zipper Repair Kit for Jackets, Luggage, Bags https://a.co/d/2ACiABZ

Size 8 zipper

I actually just got regular zipper pulls and opened up some seams, installed them and then sewed everything back up.

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Size medium you think would work?
I got the size large and tried but couldn’t quick get the teeth to fully engage. Granted it was a half-assed attempt while it was 15 degrees outside, so maybe it was installer error.

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Unless the v2 have a smaller zipper than v1 it should be a #8 or large… might be worth just measuring your teeth.

I ordered some Go Fast Camper Flannel FITTED Sheets. stoked to get those puppies installed it should be a huge help when winter camping.


has this been helpful with noise while driving?

I made a grill/camp stove bag for quick grab and storage. 1st sewing project.


I replaced my 5-gallon water bottle with a Dometic Go Hydration Jug (11L). The optional $100 Dometic water faucet pump, sold separately, seemed overpriced, so I retrofitted my existing $12 water dispenser from the previous setup to work with it. I just needed to order the compatible quick disconnect fitting and a longer hose, which cost me $16 from Grainger. I ziptied it to mock it up, but it may just stay like that for a while. I am happy with the upgrade and it took me only 10 minutes to complete the project. The Dometic water jug seems more robust, easy to fill, and packages better than the 5-gallon cylindrical bottles that are commonly seen.

Build Of Materials:

  • 1x Quick Disconnect Push Fitting to 1/4 barb, $2.12:Link
    Optional 90* fitting with shutoff that’s on backorder and hasn’t been verified. Link
  • 10ft Silicone Hose, 1/4 ID, Food/Beverage Compatible, $14.25 : Link
  • Pump, $13.99: Link
  • Dometic Go Hydration Jug, $69.99: Link
  • 2x Zipties

Checked to see if the skibike fits in without moving handlebars, check. The old ARE was too short for me to slide it in the bed whole.


Yes! Especially when driving through a headwind, and there are some strong ones here in Utah, the fairing has allowed me to keep the radio volume noticeably lower than previously at highway speeds.

Dude epic! That looks like a blast.

Since your maybe a mountaineer - Same here - Worked for Timberline Mtn Guides / Oregon Ski Guides out of Bend for many years. I always had this idea to invent a mostly inflatable ski bike frame. Hike it up to a high peak, blow it up and rip back down.
For what its worth a Wildernest (classic pop up truck camper/ circa 1980s maybe) was always a dream when I was younger, now we have the modern GFC. So maybe someone smarter than I (not hard to do) can come up with a design for an inflatable ski bike…

Stay out of the hospital!

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@the_philxx @pnwmountaineer First thought, "How do you stop?!”

Same way you do on skis, I’d imagine.


It’s a wild mix. You need to initiate a whip and the trailing skis edge gets the slow down started. Once a little side loaded your weight naturally comes off the front ski, then it sets the uphill edge like a snowboard and assists. To get out of the slide just turn the shoulders back to the right and you’re off. Nothing like skiing. Nothing like snowboarding. Nothing like biking. But a wonderful marriage of the three!


Nice work! if you don’t mind me asking, what sewing machine is that? I am getting into building some awnings and I need to get stitching lol

That rocks! I wish my DH bike fit like that.

Ha, hmmm. Let me pull it back out or ask my fiancé as it is hers.

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Agreed. Had the skis on my DH rig and it fits. Wheels, not so much.


oooh nice bars!!

Dang i have an old nomad 4 frame you just inspired me to turn into one of these!