What have you done to your GFC this week

Fulfilled my Bucket List of Camping on the Cliff in the north side of Grand Canyon overlooking Colorado River

(we just need to get the guy with JT back into a GFC!)

I know i know technically it’s not Grand Canyon but it’s close enough.

Memorial Day 2023 I was in the south side camped by the very same river but no GFC


Fantastic! I’ve also camped there or close to it in october, was frigid!!!

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was like 100F in the afternoon!
but night time was great. morning 2 hours after sun up it got frigging hot in the tent lol

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Added a more permanent solar setup. Previously I was storing a flexible panel under the long mattress pad and pulling it out when I knew I was going to be at camp for a bit. Should have used two black wires but I already had these cut to length with MC4 connectors ready to go.

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Updated my fridge… it’s a little on the small side but the only drawer fridge I could find that would work with my drawer…

Trying to keep as much space in the bed for hanging out.

If you make the back drawer the right height and length… you got enough room for 7days of clothes,a seat and pretty much a full single bed… without the buildout
I carry a duffel bag of work clothes so I just use that to finish the bed…

It’s under construction right now so I don’t have it completely put back together but here’s a few pictures.



Saves weight and room.

That is on a long bed Tacoma though

I am sure this is buried somewhere in the forum but I fixed my high pitched whistle back in March with the most simple of things. I was toilet thinking one day and realized the drain hole above the cab was acting like a pop botte when you blow in it. I figured I would disrupt the wind with tape and it cleared all the horrendous noise I was getting from the GFC.

Rolled tape stuck to the back side of flex tape.

Placed in front of hole.

Not perfect but 100% effective, and it keeps the drain working.

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Nice fix! I know in the past if you reached out to GFC Service they would send a 3D printed solution to this at no cost (Don’t know if they still do). It fits into the hole and basically does the same thing you did.

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Ah good to know. I have a fairy early build 1500 or so and I am sure it was discussed before. I just couldn’t for the life of me figure out where it was coming from. It also didn’t do it until about 6 months after getting it, from another member.

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Sweet thanks. I think I like my tape fix a little better. Lower profile.

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Bed base made and fridge/slide install

Built a shelf that sits against the cab window. I’ve had this idea in my head for awhile, but finally got around to building it in the last couple of weeks. I keep a crate with my propane tank and other truck essentials, plus camping chairs, in the back nearly all the time, so I was looking to create a shelf above all that where I could set/place items when I’m camping. This is also where my Goal Zero will live. The whole thing is pretty simple, just held in place by gravity and a little bit of line.

I have yet to take it on a weekend trip, but will follow up if there’s anything that goes awry.