What have you done to your GFC this week

Did you mount the brackets to the awning before installing or to the gfc rails before?

I mounted the brackets first. I then put the awning on top of the GFC upside down and roughly aligned the bolts with the bracket holes. I then rolled the awning forward over the top of the brackets. Starting at the single bracket end, I pushed the bolts into the holes. This took a little weight off. I then worked toward the tail end which has two brackets. They pretty much went right in.

It was then just a matter of pushing against the truck, no longer lifting the awning, and getting the 3 top nuts started.

A ratcheting wrench would be ideal. The inner dimension of the brackets makes it a pain with short turns.

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Finally got some wiring done in the camper and bed of the truck. Switch panel, outlets in the top of camper, and lighting all done now.


black panels? I like that a lot more than the white ones

After dealing with rust issues on the coast, and getting inspiration from seeing @jedgar new beef rack plates, I made a new set of supports for my racks out of 3/16 bead blasted stainless. Made them 1.5 inches over stock.


I got it installed! Couldn’t be more stoked, this thing is so rad!! Camper #2454


Nice! Looks great and those should be plenty sturdy!

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Inspired by (and shot for shot ripping off) @atsah, I added one of my old snowboards as a wind deflector


Installed molle panel and started to hang crap from it


Added led strips in some aluminum mounting channels with lite diffuser that snap into the channel. I think I’m all in for about 75.00 dollars. That is for a 4’ strip up top and strips that run the perimeter on the bottom and a strip on the rear door for cooking. I had wiring and switches. They donot dim or change color, but give off pleasant lite that isn’t blinding.



Installed a 12v wash down pump and water system. It uses dual military water jugs with quick connections. 40L total.

I also added two storage compartments over the wheel well. This will hold bike wheels or lawn chairs. The lids can lock open to hold oversized items. I added TPO coin rubber floor onto the table and cabinets tops but never took a photo.


That’s really cool. Can you elaborate on the quick connect on the jug side? How do you switch from one the empty jug to the full one? I use those same jugs and wouldn’t mind something like this. Also what pump did you use?

I added a CPC bulkhead quick connector into the lid with a food safe hose for a siphon tube. It disconnects to remove or swap. They are drip free so it works great and doesn’t loose it’s prime or get water anywhere.

I just swap the lid between the jugs for now but I will modify the other one too now that I know it works!


I took my DIY 1020 roof racks for a test drive with the canoe. So far so good at 100km/hr. Going to add the third strap for piece of mind. Next wait for the ice to come off the lakes :metal:


Trucks lookin good! You’ve been busy :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

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Have you thought about doing a Y or T fitting to run both water jugs so you don’t have to switch when one runs dry? That’s a pretty awesome concept though. I like it.

Hoping this roof wrap will block most if not all sunlight inside the tent. The white translucent material was kind of annoying to me because I like sleeping in. 3M multicam black vinyl at 300% scale for reference.


I actually have a tee, valves and a pressure reducer to make a tap for a sink but I decided it just was too complicated for what it needs to be.

The one hose can reach both jugs and it’s a quick swap. I will use just one most of the time anyways.

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@Liv2Bike Why not use the t-slots in the frame to mount a fairing versus buying the load bars and adding something to your roof?

Getting more mobile and starting to ramp up fishing/camping/ski zone hunting season.


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