What have you done to your GFC this week

Cleaned up, reorganized and installed some tie downs in preparation for a summer long trip as I seek employment…… basically becoming a full timer in this thing


Did the same exact thing with the blue sea panel in my RTT.

Added Matt Gecko LEDs at the same time that are wired out the back of the same box.


This is really nice setup. Does the switch on the box now serve to turn the LED strips on and off? Have the same light setup and hopefully will work on it this coming week or two but really like the combination.

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The switch on the box is a 15 amp circuit breaker. Turning it on/off controls power to both the lights and the outlets. There is a separate switch for just the lights you can see in the pic on the ceiling of the tent just inside the side entry on the left. This is the side the ladder for the RTT goes. I put the switch there to make it easy to turn on the lights when climbing up the ladder and into the tent. The box for the blue sea panel is 3d printed from solvefunction.


Hey man. I already had the bits collecting dust in my garage. So I figured I’d put it all to use. Cheers.


I had my rear window pop out completely a couple days ago. I didn’t even realize it till the next day. I was driving down a rough dirt road with the rear panel open cuz my kayak was back there. I’ve been doing this for a long time but was probably driving way too fast. I drove back the same road today and found it completely intact. Can’t believe it didn’t break when it fell out. Now I’m trying to decide whether to just remove the rear panel because I drive with it open so often or maybe just leave the glass out.


Finally got a chance to test out the Planar portable heater setup. Kept it’s nice and toasty while it was 28 degrees outside or so.


LED strip lights and lots of electrical hook up. Some ideas from @julian Getting ready for a fishing trip in Montana so getting dialed! Also put in a bed sealer. Always get so dam dusty back there being a carpenter and camping. I mean whatever it’s a truck but trying to keep it somewhat clean to chill in.

sck there


Added curtains to the rear window thanks to a couple nice ladies at a small quilting shop. $35 later, drill a couple small holes and run 550 cord.


Hey man, I’m curious about the process you mentioned for sealing the bed of the Jeep Gladiator?

Mounted some @jedgar drip rails onto the V2. Was a bit concerned with clearance as I have a modified Prinsu Habitat rack. After installation, as you can see, there is plenty of room.


She’s a beauty! Loving it.

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Got the panel in today. Lightning speed with this powdercoat guy I have locally. Bumper and panel back in 2 days.


Sprayed the tent with permethrin as this is my first weekend in a while where I can just leave the tent up in the driveway to dry… also it’s big season people.

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Added new rear camera because I couldn’t see shit out of the factory one due to my CBI swing outs. Gonna take some getting used to. Camera was from TailgateCamera with factory/oem plug. Also have anytime backup camera mod to finish.


I’ve been thinking about relocating my backup camera to a similar spot. Any tips on wire routing and mounting?

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I used a dremel and put a notch in the 3rd brake light. Wired through the same hole as that wiring and then across the top to the passenger side then down and through the bed. I haven’t sealed it up yet. Time will tell.


Nice, thanks. Good move to use the existing wiring hole.

Not my Idea original post ??? I forget but its a great upgrade , Southco makes these same company that GFC is using but much better.


This is the true solution! Not to mention it looks great.

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