Zayne’s 2017 TRD Pro Build

Here is a quick run down of my current truck build.

I traded my 2016 Access Cab TRD Offroad in for a used (8k mile) 2017 TRD Pro last October, 2018.

I’ve been very slowly building this truck to suit my own personal needs and wants. Trying to cut weight where I can to help conserve fuel/money to help get me to the places I want to go with minimal expense.

The truck is not my daily driver to my job however I usually put a few miles on it in a week. We take lots of weekend camping trips and a couple 2 week trips a year. 4-5,000 milers.



  • Pelfrybilt Battery Cage

  • X2 Power Group 31 Battery

  • Switch-Pros SP9100

  • SDHQ Interior Cubby Switch Face Plate

  • Power Trays w/blue sea 8 fuse block, ground busbar, 8 terminal strip and 120A breaker.

  • ARB Single Air Compressor w/custom made mount behind front bumper/grille.

  • Blue Sea 4356 12v socket, voltmeter, usb plug in bed w/ sea dog waterproof switch.

  • Hypertech Speedo Calibrator (Not Installed)

  • Dometic CFX-28 Fridge/Freezer w/insulated cover


  • Cougar LED H9 and H11 (High/Low Beams)

  • Super Bright LEDs Interior Bulbs & License Plate.

  • JDM AStar LED Reverse Lights

  • MESO Customs Red Map Lights

  • Baja Designs Amber Squadron-R Sport Ditch Lights.

  • Baja Designs Amber Squadron Sport Fog Lights.

  • Baja Designs Dome Light W/Switch In Bed

  • Caliraised LED Ditch Light Brackets

  • Rago Fab 32” Hidden Bumper Mounts

  • Baja Designs S2 Sport Rear Light


  • 265/75R16 Falken Wildpeak AT3/W

  • Cali-Raised Sliders w/kickout Powdercoated

  • OEM 2nd Gen Front Bed Rail

  • OEM Tacoma Bed Mat

  • OEM Round Fog Light Bezels

  • Waterport Pressurized Water System

  • Taco Garage Dash Mount

  • Ram Mounts for IPhone and IPad

  • Amazon Center Console Organizer

  • Front Window Tint

  • MESO Customs Coin Holder

  • Matte Black Tailgate Stickers

  • Husky Floor Mats (front)

  • Custom Gun Mount

  • Off Brand Recovery Boards

  • Go Fast Camper

  • Go Fast Camper Bed Sheets

  • Levels For Camper (Black Panels/Grey Frame W/Front & Rear Window Option

  • Mountain Hatch Tailgate Panel

  • Duluth Trading Co. Rear Dog Seat Cover

  • Tepui 6’ Haze Grey Awning W/Black Cover

  • Chopped Exhaust Tip Off @ Rear Axle Downpipe

  • Victory 4X4 Center Console Molle Panels

  • (2) Lusso Gear Back Seat Organizers mounted to GFC rails near cab. (Amazon)

  • 15x30” PowerTye Cargo Net in GFC

  • GFC Awning Mount Brackets (New Style)

  • MaxxFan Mini Vent Fan in GFC


*Off Grid Engineering Dual Battery Setup.

Going to move the factory start battery location to the passenger side firewall area and add a X2 Power Group 24 for that and use the X2 Power Group 31 as my house Battery in the factory start location.

*Would like a set of SCS Stealth 6 wheels and Cooper Discoverer 255/85r16 tires.

(Not going to clear stock)

*HIDS for my Low Beams. Will probably remove the bumper light bar and install a Baja Designs light on the front GFC Extrusion eventually.

*Possibly some suspension upgrades in the future.




Having some technical difficulties getting these photos and this thread sorted out via iPhone mobile browser.
Going to have to jump on a desktop when I get time.
Bare with my. I’ll organize. :grimacing::grin:

These photos are killer, build is looking awesome!

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Moved my air compressor from the passenger side firewall area to the front to make room for a second battery. Also ran a hose and regulator on the waterport so it maintains 30psi all the time.


Very clever! May have to steal this one someday.


Dude! More info on that constant water port connection please. Nicely done.

It’s nothing more than adding a Tee to connect a air line to your air compressor after the pressure switch that shuts it off at 100psi.

Run the air line back to the bed. Two 1/4x1/4 compression 90°s for the Viair Regulator, One 1/8” x 1/4” compression straight fitting for the Waterport and a 1/4 X 1/4 check valve to stop water from back filling your compressor in the event you loose upstream pressure.
I used 1/4” air hose.

The regulator will conveniently mount to the threaded holes on the side of the water port with the bracket Viair provides with it.

Air compressor still kicks off at 100psi and waterport maintains whatever you set the regulator for. When you spray the hose the air compressor kicks on and pressurizes it. Works like a dream.

I drilled one hole in the bed to pass the air line through.


Is the water port capable of 100 psi though? I thought it was something ridiculously low like 25 psi.

The 100 psi is the rest of the air system. WP appears to be regulated down to 30 psi.


Yeah that’s what the regulator is for. To cut the pressure down in the tank. It will go however high you want it but there is a 60psi relief valve on the waterport from the factory that will blow and leave your truck wet.
I keep it right around 25-30psi. That works best.


Interesting. What does your grille look like when your air compress isn’t in use? (specifically in that area)

I ended up moving the quick connect back inside the hood last weekend.
Was too worried some hood rat would try to break it off or something.
But here’s how it looked… Air compressor is still there just moved the chuck back under the hood.

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Installed the Off-Grid Engineering dual/split battery setup this afternoon.
This should help with running the Dometic fridge and Maxxfan in the Go Fast Camper.

I choose to keep my group 31M as my start battery that I already had and added a Group 24M to the passenger side.
Might switch start battery location in the future so the larger Ah battery is my AUX but this should work for now. I can always link them if I need a little more juice.

Overall very happy with this kit from OGE.
Took me about 1.5hr to install.

On another note: Who’s going to Expo East next week?

I plan to be there at Expo East camping on site. Hoping you’ll show me your truck and camper since I’m still waiting on mine and have never physically seen a GFC.

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Awesome. We’ll be camping in the “Overland Experience” camping section. Stop by. I have some stickers to give away. We’ll have the Aussie Pup Sioux with us.

Some more waterport photos.

Thinking about getting the 11 gallon Front Runner water tank instead of the waterport and doing the same thing on it with the regulator.

Only because it holds more water, has brass threaded bushing instead of just threaded plastic like the Waterport has.

No sure if the Front Runner tank is made for any pressure though. I’ll have to look into that further.


Test fitted a single drawer system I’m having a local woodworking friend build for me since I don’t have the proper tools or place to work on it at this time.
Also went for a nice fall hike with the pup and took the DSLR along.


Drawer is complete and couldn’t be happier.
Well worth the total $650 spent in materials and to have it built by someone else. Super happy!
We re-purposed a early model mountain hatch that broke (they replaced free of charge) into the dividers and small cutting board. image|666x500


I like what you did with the dividers. Different slot options to make the compartments bigger or smaller, nice work!

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