Collapsible Ladder

Looks like I’ll be running into this in the near future.
Judging by @mode7’s pictures, maybe the 10-32 allowed for flush mounting?

The 10-32 tnut is flush with the extrusion.

If whatever you are attaching is thin be careful the bolt doesn’t bottom out on the extrusion as it will scratch and dig into the aluminum. Anything over 1/8” ish should be fine.

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10-32 will solve your problem. It sits within the extrusion so your bracket will be pulled against the extrusion instead of the face of the tnut. You’ll have to decide if 10-32 is strong enough for your application

I’m not sure I’m following your idea about a threaded piece at the back. I might need a sketch. :wink:

I’ll post some photos of washers and drilled out brackets tomorrow.


@Rising, here are a few photos as promised. I know the depth of this 1/4-20 tnut surprised me too so hopefully these will help others who are trying to design their own mounts and brackets.

This is 10-32. Because it sits fully within the extrusion, it tightens your item to the extrusion “as expected”.

This is a 1/4-20 with the nylon washer. The washer has a 1/2" ID and is 1/8" thick so it covers up the part of the 1/4-20 tnut that sits beyond the extrusion. That is clearer in the second photo. You can find similar washers on Amazon or at your local hardware store in a variety of materials (nylon, rubber, steel, probably aluminum too).

And finally, if you don’t want to use a washer with the 1/4-20 tnut you can either drill through or mill out your bracket so that the tnut is inset within it. My brackets are 1/8" aluminum so I had to drill all the way through like this:


Excellent write-up and photos. This helps immensely.

Is this the washer?
Nylon 6/6 Flat Washer, Plain Finish, Off-White, 7/16" Hole Size, 0.5" ID, 0.69" OD, 0.03" Nominal Thickness (Pack of 100)

@bigskydu, 0.5ID is right but I’m having trouble getting that source to give a thickness greater than 0.03"…which is not enough to rise above the 1/4-20 tnut. I suspect they are out there on Amazon but I found mine at the local hardware store.

Eek, I misread the thickness as .3, not .03. Thank you. :slight_smile:

These seem like a reasonable option that might also help protect the materials as the nylon does:

For what it’s worth, I used the nylon flat washer and metal flat washer with the Gzilla 1/4 -20 Track Nut. I made short video of it on Youtube if anybody else is trying to mount the Cascadia Vehicle Tent Mount Hood Ladder brackets to the extrusion


Thanks, this is helpful and I think I’ll go the same route. I optioned and paid for my GFC earlier this week, so trying to get some stuff ordered before its ready.

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Awesome snowbonk, glad it helped out.

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I got the iKamper HC Ladder because of the angled steps. Made some brackets out of square tube aluminum for deploying the ladder.

I like the V1 style add-on @Rprogress added to this ladder.

Is anything like this possible on a V2 camper? The store page for the GFC V2 ladder has the same photos as the V1 so I’m not sure how it connects.

I just ordered the CVT ladder as well. The Vegas location says “closed until 8/5” so I called and spoke to someone at the Bend, OR office who helped me order. 20% off right now, which was a pleasant surprise.


So what was your final cost with shipping?

@crazyfingers Total with shipping was $149.30

Nice $20 less then why I paid.

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Does anybody have intel on the V2 Ladder with the Mantis Claw? For some reason my brain isn’t understanding how the “Mantis Claw” interacts between the camper and the ladder.
@Mike_GFCUSA a shop vid or pictures of it use would be bitchen!

Video coming this week. It’s super badass, a lot more robust and cleaner than anything else on the market by a huge margin.


@GFC any plans for a V1 Mantis Claw? - Just curious. Gracias.

From the video it said it will be for both.